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Public relations for the inspiring creative platform on Mallorca

Being on holiday is about being present, making the most of our time away by taking in new surroundings through all of our senses. One of the best ways we can truly appreciate a new culture is by letting our curiosity lead us and staying open to new meaningful connections. Finding these authentic moments of cultural exchange and immersion can be difficult to find and this is where dada-days steps in. Based in Mallorca, dada-days has made its name as the go-to platform for anyone looking to get creative on the Mediterranean’s most popular Balearic Island.


After moving from Berlin to Mallorca, I met Lisa Heschel, the founder of dada-days. Not only did we discover that we were drawn to the island at the same time, but also that we both shared a passion for creative crafts and an appreciation for authentic travel. It was clear to us: I wanted to support the creative platform through my media work.

Photography: Maria MoyaEva Abeling


Public Relations

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Immerse yourself in the creative scene of Mallorca

The platform dada-days supports creative talents on the island.

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