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meet + learn (step 1) 

An in-depth briefing and careful research will define the project’s purpose. During this phase, I will explore what makes your brand unique and valuable. We will adapt the perspective of the target groups, observe competitors and trends, explore requirements and define the direction.

think (step 2)

Creative thinking = finding ideas, rejecting ideas, defining ideas. At the end of every creative brainstorming process comes the strategy. It is the guideline to positioning your brand with an authentic concept.


My recipe? I extract the essence from complex content and give the concept a twist: emotion. I believe that effective messaging does not just explain, it inspires people.

design and / or  

communicate (step 3)

Let's go! I believe in long-term collaborations. But sometimes the circumstances determine in which way we work together: holistically or on a project basis.



Corporate Identity

Everything regarding visual presentation: logo, typography and colours.


Editorial Design

The magic when copy meets visuals: look books, brochures, posters, flyers.

Bespoke Presentations

A presentation to position, inspire or inspiring collaboration with your brand.


Newsletter Design

Make it visible that you are the sender.


Web Design

Concept and layout for the visual and structural content design.


Public Relations

Developing the communication strategy, curating content and circulating messages with care, addressing the target groups to make them feel understood.

Copywriting &

Content Creation

Creating the right tone of voice for consistent content.


Social Media

Creating corporate content that bring brand values to life. Social media can be more than a digital shop window. Let's inspire and make new connections.

Creative Direction

Brand Positioning

Positioning you in a specific market segment in order to enhance the unique character of your brand.

Brand Storytelling

Which emotions do you want to evoke in your target group, and which values do you want to convey?

Art Direction

Developing ideas for campaigns involves visualizing messages conceptually and represent them graphically in their specific context.

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