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Public relations for slow fashion: from organic cattle to leather products

LEIT & HELD embodies honest products with timeless design, manufactured as close as possible to their natural origin and alongside a sustainable, traceable supply chain. The Berlin label was founded by Pia Held (art director), Dana Mikoleit (interior designer) and Nina Conrad (sustainability consultant).


With #honestskin they strive to create greater awareness of the durable material and at the same time create wearable goods. Wrinkles, scars, traces of life on a willow are not covered up by a finishing process, but are consciously visible on the bags.A new ideal of beauty for bags, so to speak, which I am encouraging in media work. 


Public Relations

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A new dimension of transparency for fashion.

Everything happens on German soil.

Bags where beauty is defined

by longevity, purity and authenticity.

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