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Public relations for a mother-daughter team with experience and a keen sense for for swimwear
with social responsibility

Designed in their Zurich studio and produced in Croatia: VOLANS Swimwear stands for European craftsmanship. Mira Blazevic from VOLANS has dedicated her life to swimwear. Her plan was actually to take a well-deserved retirement after more than 44 years of professional work, during which the Croatian-born woman offered her craft as a model maker to well-known swimwear manufacturers. But her daughter, Ivon Blazevic, had long dreamed of giving up her position as Head of Marketing and starting her own label for well-fitting swimwear. This is how VOLANS was born in 2018. The passionate attention to detail can be felt in their designs and the special wearing comfort. I embrace this feel-good factor in my media work.

Photographs: Noémi Ottilia Szabo


Public Relations

Brand Strategy

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The label name comes from the "flying fish", a constellation in the southern sky.

Thinking ahead to the tried and tested for the perfect fit.

Sustainable production takes place where they know each other.

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